“Taxation is a fraction”.

  • Put simply, at Meagher Moynihan, our approach to our clients tax planning is based on the principle of ensuring, firstly, that the proposed transaction or business decision makes sound commercial sense, and secondly, considering how to best structure it from a taxation view point.
    We have consistently practiced this approach since the firm foundation over thirty years ago and as a result, we continue to serve and advise our client base, the vast majority of whom are:
  • Not overly exposed to the property market and subject to the direction of banks and other institutions.
  •  Not one client is under the direction or control of NAMA.
  •  Not struggling with significant losses or oversized pensions, constructed merely to maximise the short term tax advantages.

That is not to say our clients do not face challenges but they are not derived from short term tax based investment strategies.
It is the right of each taxpayer to arrange their affairs in a tax efficient manner. Our aim is to help our client to achieve this in a straightforward, cost effective way in which the relevant authorities are fully informed and comfortable with the structures used.
We provide our clients with a full range of services under the following headings:
1. Personal Tax.
2. Corporation Tax.
3. VAT.
4. PAYE/PRSI and related levies.
5. Capital Taxes.

a. Capital Gains Tax.
b. Capital Acquisitions Tax.

We appreciate that to many people the provisions and requirements of the Tax Legislation are very difficult to follow and understand. This can be very stressful for clients. Recognising this, it is standard practice, within the firm to provide our clients with
an independent second opinion on all significant issues, as a matter of course. These opinions are provided by outside independent and suitably qualified professionals with whom we have long associations.
We are very proud of our record of service to our clients in assisting them with the tax affairs. We are equally proud of our open, honest and respectful relationship with Revenue, which serves the long term interest of all our client