Outsourcing Financial Control & Bookkeeping

At Meagher Moynihan we provide our clients with access to the full suite of outsourced financial control functions from basic payroll to actual credit control functions conducted in conjunction with the owner/Managing Director.

These services are tailored to suit the individual needs of the client and range from the initial bookkeeping services for start-up companies to temporary financial control function for clients experiencing working capital challenges.

In start-up companies/businesses while we assist the client is getting organised, registered and compliant on a suitable computerised system our aim is to transfer the role back to within the organisation at the earliest opportunity. The rationale for this approach is that ownership and knowledge of the financial situation of the business is a fundamental part of running your own business. This reflects our philosophy of ensuring we are providing an added value service to our clients and not just booking billable hours.

Our suite of services includes:

  1. Preparation of Payroll.
  2. Bookkeeping, primarily based on the TAS Accounting System.
  3. Preparation of Monthly Management Accounts.
  4. Credit Control.
  5. Preparation and management of cashflow projections.
  6. Financial controller function including reports of the Board of Directors.