Business Management and Planning

This is a field in which the firm and its staff excel; we pride ourselves on our close working relationship with each of our clients. This relationship is built on our client care teams, which ensure that each client has an appropriate contact within the firm for all of their service requirements. We understand that in order to bring real value to our clients we must be available to assist them as they grow and develop their businesses.

When most people think of business plans they think of mystifying formulas and figures ,which by design, promise the earth, moon and stars and are produced at the behest of banks or investors to prove a case or provide comfort.

In Meagher Moynihan we believe a business plan is an essential tool in developing and refocusing
a client business model. It should be a simple and easy to understand document that can be readily updated as the business grows and changes. A properly construed business plan will form the foundations of the business’s budgetary process and define the reporting requirements of the management information system. Far from being an occasional or ceremonial documents, we believe it should be a living model which is refined and reviewed at least on an annual basis. This process can afford the client and their management the opportunity to reassess the business operations and growth opportunities. In addition to the annual financial statements, the revised business plan provides the client with the script and context for informed constructive consultation with their finance providers, both in terms of performance and identifying future needs in a timely fashion.

In providing this service to new and existing clients we can assist our client with the following steps and/or processes:

  1. Preparation of business plans.
  2. Preparation of financial projections.
  3. Management information systems.
  4. Development of management structure.
  5. Budgetary process.