The Meagher Moynihan Method


About Meagher Moynihan

No two challenges are exactly alike. The significant number of variables present in all human and business interaction ensure that this is the case.

Therefore it is only by blind luck or a happy circumstance that a standard solution will provide a successful outcome to a business challenge or opportunity. However, all too often standard solutions are sold to business people and accepted by them as appropriate because of lack of knowledge, focus or a perceived expertise.

To avoid this pitfall and ensure our business and tax advice is tailored to the specific circumstances of the person, business and transaction, our approach is tailored to follow a simple six step methodology to maximise the effectiveness of the proposed solution.

Meagher Moynihan Method

The steps are self-evident and practical in their progress.

Step 1: Information: We ensure we have all the relevant information regarding the business opportunity or challenge. This includes a detailed understanding of the personal and corporate finances of the client.

Step 2: Analysis: We analyse the information both in terms of its effect on the client and their company, we sensitise the results and determine if an alternative solution or course of action may yield on more favourable result. During this process we will engage with the client to ensure the sensitivity and alternate actions are appropriate.

Step 3: Design: We design a solution based on the outcome of our analysis that includes a detailed step plan of the actions/costs involved and the resultant income/savings which are to be achieved.

Step 4: Communicate: We engage in a detailed consultation process with the client to explain the proposed solution and discuss the real world implication of the step plan for the client, the organisation and its management and staff.

Step 5: Implementation: Following the agreement of the client to the designed solution, we convert the step plan into a practical implementation plan and assist our client in the planning and change management aspect of the plan and any related negotiation with external parties such as banks, Revenue and suppliers.

Step 6: Monitoring: Most solutions fail at this point, simply because most people decide that when a decision is taken the necessary actions follow as a matter of course. Our experiences clearly demonstrate that a monitoring process detailing goals, timeline, key events which are measurable predictable and enforceable, greatly improve the success rate of any solution.

It’s not magic, it’s a simple logical, detailed process that delivers successful solutions to our clients because is it focused, knowledgeable, measurable and easy to understand.

But most importantly, it recognises your needs and talents which are unique to you, and so is the service and assistance you require to fulfil your goals and ambitions.