Personal Debt Refinancing



Outstanding loans to Irish Bank more than €4 million with no capacity to repay from personal or business sources. All related assets worth significantly less than loans.


  • Negotiated debt management without recourse to legal action or representation. Deal with principle bank secured his trade and operations base from the actions of other lenders, therefore forcing them to settle for their specified security.
  • Introduced a functioning F.C. capacity into his trade. This brought him from being more than 2 years in arrears with Revenue to being current and only 12 months from finishing a structured repayment arrangement on the historic taxes.
  • Succeeded with proposal to incorporate personal debt. Utilised CGT losses on investments to cover transfer of assets into company.

His company turned from losses of €250,000 to making €150,000 in a period of 20 months. New structure saves €250,000 in Income Tax every year from now on.

Client Result:

  • He can earn a living and retain ownership of assets.
  • No publicity.
  • Avoids bankruptcy of an elderly man and keeps his home and his dignity.
  • Saved over €600,000 of Income Tax expenses on Director’s loan account. Trade overdraft of €1 million has been termed for 20 years.